Our Story


Charles Crowley’s Invention

DreamServ is the the product of a creative father's idea that sought to eliminate the messy hassle of serving ice cream. 

Our ice cream scoop was an idea that was brought to life by Charles Crowley. When Charles' children were young they ate LOTS of ice cream for dessert. It became an almost nightly routine around their household. Charles grew tired of constantly having sticky knuckles after serving and having to nearly break down the carton to get the last bit of ice cream out. There wasn't a single ice cream scoop on the market that would fix both of these problems. He figured that he might as well fix this problem himself.

Charles is an extremely creative man. After brainstorming his idea- he got to work! He would spend hours in his shop, and as Charles would say "whittling on his wooden spoon". His solution was to create a long enough handle that would both reach the bottom of the container, and eliminate the chance of sticky knuckles. This scoop also needed to be sharp enough to slice through the most frozen of ice cream.

Charles' idea soon became a reality. Thus, DreamServ was born.

Assured Easy Scooping

Handcrafted keeping the finest of details in mind, Charles has offered the world the greatest ice cream scoop ever. Users of the Dreamserv have consistently given it a 5-star rating.

One thing you can count on with our ice-cream scoop is that your ice cream enjoying time will be hassle and mess-free.